High-Rise Cronenberg Parallels


So here I was, enjoying the High-Rise trailer as I’ve been quite excited for this film for a while. The book has this A Clockwork Orange vibe that I really appreciate.
And I suddenly become distracted by just how Cronenberg-esque, Shivers-era this film is already feeling, just from these few selected clips.

Is it just the connection to a white-walled, perfectly marketed contemporary high-rise that has been designed to be everything a modern human being wants it to be and more? Or is it the claustrophobia evoked by the idea of these types of cabin fever ‘microcosm’ residential buildings; ones where you enter and then find yourself having no reason to leave because your every whim is neatly catered for.

Maybe it’s just that Jeremy Irons looks and sounds like he belongs in the Cronenberg universe.

My tiny little ex-film studies brain is positively salivating for the film connections I am ready to make once this film is released!



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